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MAGYAR PISZKE PAPÍR Kft., formerly FOREST-PAPÍR Kft., has been present on the Hungarian hygiene paper market for nearly 30 years, during which time it has gained significant recognition in the paper industry at home and worldwide.




The foundation of FOREST PAPÍR Kft.


The certification mark created by Magyar Termék Nonprofit Kft. appears on all hygiene products.


Our napkins reach all continents as an IKEA supplier.


Ferenc Bodrogai, managing director, won the E&Y businessman of the year award. 


Acquisition: sale of the retail business to the Italian Sofidel group.


The appearance of the first toilet paper in a cardboard box on the Hungarian market - a return to the retail business.


Free M fee 


The foil-free Crepto toilet paper will be available in a national network of stores.

The time has come for a change in the production and use of hygiene papers as well. Conscious buyers are not looking for the cheapest, but what is best for them. And this includes not only their personal comfort, but also how they can reduce the environmental impact caused by their consumption, and we support them in their endeavor.

Ferenc Bodrogai - managing director, owner

Piszke group of companies in numbers:

  • 30 years of professional experience
  • sales revenue of the company group
  • 10+ mrd Ft/2022
  • new investment worth HUF 4 billion (since 2016)
  • number of employees: 190 people
  • (2023)

Our mission

Building on a stable background and expertise, our goal is to produce good and constant quality hygiene paper products as a reliable supplier to our partners.

Our heart is also Magyar Product, as Magyar Product Nonprofit Kft. was founded in 2006 on the initiative of the company's main owner, Ferenc Bodrogai. The company's trademarks are now the best-known Hungarian Product, Domestic Product and Domestic Product symbols on the domestic market.

This is how we work

Our company has production capacity in Nyergesújfalu and Tököl, in close cooperation with one of the main flagships of the State Partner Program, Duna Papír.

Duna Papír Kft. is a 100% state-owned company, which fulfills a public duty stipulated in legislation within the framework of the Criminal Execution. Thus, it ensures the employment of prisoners in the world of work, by organizing value-creating activities recognized by the market. In this way, MAGYAR PISZKE PAPÍR Kft. also indirectly supports the important state objective and social responsibility that the employment of convicts shows an increasing trend.

Piszke group of companies

MAGYAR PISZKE PAPÍR Kft.'s sphere of interest includes several companies, the largest one, Assist-Trend Kft., which operates in the B2B market , sells paper products in the area of ​​general hygiene and provides full hygiene services.


MAGYAR PISZKE PAPÍR Kft. also operates in the food business, producing and distributing organic and gluten-free foods under the brand name Aby's .


Get to know us

Attila Kecskeméti 
Company manager
Ferenc Bodrogai
Manager, Owner
Csaba Deák
 Fatime Bánkuti
Marketing group leader
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